Monday, September 22, 2014

Potter/Lynch Wedding

We got invited to one of Chris' coworkers wedding up in the mountains. So we decided to make a weekend of it. It was a beautiful wedding and the kids had a blast. We didn't get very many pictures but here a few of them...

Addy's Birthday

While we were camping, my parents through Addy and Jenny a little birthday party. They decorated the trailer and got them a cake and presents. She was very surprised and had lots of fun.

 On her real birthday we opened presents and had some friends over to swim out back. It was a great day and she had lots of fun.

Our Summer

So I accidently went on a blog hiatus this summer. It wasn't intentional. I just never  made time to sit down and update the blog.

So this summer we......
 had baby foxes living under our shed. It was quite the entertainment watching them. Luckily they moved on and no one was harmed in the process.

 went to the six flags that is in Denver with Brittany's parents.

 Went swimming and played in the water out in the back yard.
 Went on a train ride around Belleview Park
 Played in the laundry baskets.

 Addy started preschool!

 Rode on Papas boat at Flaming Gorge 
 Got haircuts

Did some major yard work. 
 Took lots of naps

As you can tell its been a busy yet fun summer. Bring on Fall.

Dinosaur Park

 While in Utah this summer we went to Dinosaur Park with JoAnn. It was really fun and the kids seemed to enjoy it.






Thursday, May 15, 2014

Brock's Birthday

We decided to have a big BBQ for Brock's birthday. Chris decided he wanted to smoke a 16 lb pork roast to have pulled pork sandwiches.
Here is what the pork looked like before it was shredded. Chris worked really hard on it and it was amazing!
His awesome shirt I got him. I love it.

 The kids had a great time with the piñata. Luckily the weather held out long enough for us to do it outside.

 Showing off his loot that he got out of the piñata.
 A small part of the crowd that we had over for Brock's party. I think we had about 30 people over.

 On his actual birthday he got to open presents from Mom and Dad and Neena and Papa. My mom got him a singing card and when he opened it, he took off with the card and didn't want to open the rest of the present. Silly boy.
 Both kids sure love this bug catcher.
Happy Birthday Buddy! We can't believe you are already two! Live wouldn't be the same without our spunky red headed little boy.